BUDDYM Jukebox

BUDDYM Jukebox

Bookmark your favorite YouTube music videos with a personal BUDDYM Jukebox and enjoy your own BUDDYM Random Playlist

Why build a personal BUDDYM Jukebox?

  • CONTENT ON DEMAND - commercial free access to your bookmarks;

  • CONVENIENCE - randomly generated playlists of your bookmarks each time you login or hit reload;

  • AJAX TECHNOLOGY - uninterrupted video playback while searching, paging, adding or removing bookmarks; and

  • PORTABILITY - export your bookmarks to a downloadable PDF or CSV file.

Adding or removing bookmarks from your personal jukebox is easy and can be done two ways. One way is while searching for videos to bookmark. Under Search Results, simply click on the next to the video you want to bookmark or the if you want to remove an existing bookmark. The appropriate icon will be displayed next to each video based on the current state of your jukebox. See the screenshot below as an example.

Additionally, BUDDYM Jukebox provides a searchable interface of your saved bookmarks. This interface is accessible via the link, My Jukebox, located on the top right hand section of BUDDYM Jukebox. This interface can be used to build custom playlists, remove unwanted bookmarks (individually or in bulk), and export your saved bookmarks to a downloadable PDF or CSV file. See the screenshot below as an example.

Create an account today and begin building your personal BUDDYM Jukebox. When you sign up you will be sent an email confirming your registration. In the email there will be a link for accessing your account.  The link will log you in one time and take you to your account page where you can set and save your password. If you forget to set and save your password, you can send yourself another one time access link to your registered email address.