BUDDYM Jukebox

BUDDYM Jukebox

Bookmark your favorite YouTube music videos with BUDDYM Jukebox!

BuddyM Jukebox Features:

  • YouTube Music Video Content;

  • Randomly Generated or Custom Selected Video Playlists;

  • AJAX Searching & One-Click Bookmarking; and

  • Bookmark Exports to PDF or CSV Files.

Adding and removing bookmarks is easy with BUDDYM Jukebox. Simply click the  icon to add or  icon to remove a bookmark from your account. These icons are displayed next to each video as shown in the screenshot below.

The "Jukebox" user interface provides a searchable listing of all your saved bookmarks. Use it to build custom playlists, remove unwanted bookmarks in bulk, or export all your bookmarks to a CSV or PDF file.

Create an account today and see for yourself how easy it is to bookmark your favorite YouTube music videos with BUDDYM Jukebox. You will soon enjoy easy access to your favorite music as the video player begins to generate random playlists from your bookmarks.