BUDDYM Jukebox

BUDDYM Jukebox

Commercial Free YouTube Music Videos

Bookmark your favorites with BUDDYM Jukebox!

  • CONTENT - Commercial free YouTube music videos;

  • CONVENIENCE - Automatic random playlists of your bookmarks;

  • TECHNOLOGY - Uninterrupted playback with AJAX searching & bookmarking; and

  • PORTABILITY - Export all your saved bookmarks to a PDF or CSV file.

Adding and removing bookmarks from you account is easy with BUDDYM Jukebox. Simply click the add icon or remove icon to add or remove a bookmark from your account. The appropriate icon is displayed next to each video listed in the search results as shown in the screenshot below.

BUDDYM Jukebox provides a searchable listing of all your bookmarks so you can build custom playlists, remove unwanted bookmarks in bulk, and export your bookmarks to a PDF or CSV file as shown below.

Create an account today and start bookmarking your favorite YouTube music videos with BUDDYM Jukebox.