Commercial Free YouTube Music Videos With BUDDYM Jukebox

BUDDYM Jukebox is a user friendly, commercial free interface to YouTube music videos. Register today and begin building a personal jukebox of your favorite YouTube music videos for you and others to enjoy. The uninterrupted playback while searching for the next video to play, one-click bookmarking system, and random playlist generator makes having a personal jukebox fun and easy.  


BUDDYM Jukebox - User Jukeboxes

Authenticated users can bookmark YouTube Music Videos under their personal jukebox. To generate a random playlist from a registered user's personal jukebox, simply click on their username.


BUDDYM Jukebox One-Click Bookmarking System

Adding and removing bookmarks is easy with BUDDYM Jukebox's one-click bookmarking system, simply click to add a bookmark or to remove a bookmark. The appropriate icon will be displayed next to each video according to the current state of the authenticated user's personal jukebox.


BUDDYM Jukebox - My Jukebox Interface

The My Jukebox interface provides the authenticated user with a listing of all their saved bookmarks.  This interface can be used to build custom playlists, remove bookmarks (individually or in bulk), and export bookmarks to a PDF or CSV file.